I moonlit as a bartender for a couple of years. It was just a little dive on the outskirts of Tokyo near my apartment, with a pool table, a dart board, and an old karaoke machine that rarely saw any use. Other than the occasional drunken tirade, it was a happy, peaceful place. Or at least it had been.
Early one Saturday morning just before closing, the largest man I've ever seen walked in the door. He ordered two beers and two shots of amaretto, and passed one of each my way. The idea was to drop the shot into the glass and down it. He called it a 'Dr. Pepper,' which is what it tasted like, and claimed to have invented it. I never got his name, but he will forever be remembered as Dr. Pepper.
Anyway, after he drank another one, he started to talk. The first topic was his father, allegedly a notorious leader of the Hell's Angels, who he said he had killed and buried in a corn field. This wasn't the first time he'd made use of said field in this way. You see, he was from Chilliwack, "where we chill and wack people in the corn fields."
I suppose that's wild enough in it's own right, even if it's bullshit, but the wild suddenly became very immediate when he began chatting up a girl sitting at the end of the bar next to her boyfriend. He wanted to demonstrate his credentials.
The boyfriend had a grip on his mug, I had a grip on a bottle of Cutty Sark, and Dr. Pepper had an icy grip on our balls. 
He grinned, looked at each of us in turn, and we were duly paralyzed with fear. That's when the door burst open and in came a greasy guy in a cheap suit, followed by 3 Japanese biker thugs (google 'bosozoku') in hot pursuit. The suit grabbed a pool cue off of the table to keep his adversaries at bay. One of the thugs had a bat in hand, and was swinging it wildly at him.
Dr. Pepper howled in glee and charged into the fray with his bar stool held high over his head. The suit was under the pool table faster than I've ever seen anybody move. The thugs took one look and ran right back out the door as quickly as they had entered, and Dr. Pepper followed them. That's when we heard the sirens. 
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